Our Approach

We buy and sell homes that fuel the dreams of athletes, enthusiasts and active families. 

One of the things that makes  Sports Homes unique is we ask clients the following:

  1. What do you love to do?
  2.  What is your favorite sport or activity?

You might ask “what does sports and fun have to do with buying a home?”

A)  Sports Homes are always in a good location and increase in value over time.
B)  Sports Homes are fun and will give your family a lifetime of priceless memories.
C)  Sports Homes inspire and serve as a sanctuary at the end of a busy day.
D)  Sports Homes sell quicker then non-sports specific homes.

Sports Homes


Richard Covello, Realtor

- Real Estate
- Archery

-Martial Arts

M.S. Traditional Medicine
B.S. Business Management


Do you love sports and real estate? 

We work with agents from many different firms and states.  If you have a sports specific home for sale or a client interested in buying a sport specific property then is a great resource.

Many times, when working with professional athletes and families we need to coordinate the purchase and sale of properties across multiple states.

Next Steps...

Call Sports Homes to buy or sell your home.  We believe a home is more than its walls, sinks and windows. The right home will bring joy and passion to your life.