Windows perform so many different functions in a home it’s important that our clients have a basic understanding of the different type of windows being used today.

  1. Bay windows – are used to add space and light to a room.  The bay window usually has 3 openings consisting of fixed and double hung windows. The cost of a bay widow without installation starts around $1,700+. Example bay windows.
  2. Bow windows – have 4 to 6 openings and are designed to give a round appearance on the outside of the home. A combination of fixed and casement windows the bow window starts at $2,700+. Example bow windows.
  3. Double-hung windows (DHW) – both the top and bottom window slide up and down vertically.   The screen goes on the outside of the DHW.  The average price for standard DHW is between $300-$850+.   How to clean and use the DHW.
  4. Single-hung windows – only the top or bottom window moves up and down. The average price for the single hung window is between $300 to $700 ea.
  5. Casement windows – hinge to one side or the other and open outward. You need to think about wind direction when deciding which way this window should open.  The screens will be on the inside of the home.  Prices for these windows range from $250 to $2,200+.  How to operate and clean your casement window. 
  6. Awning windows – are designed to open from the bottom and are attached at the top.  This design allows air to flow in with some protection from rain.   The average price for awning windows is between $300-$800 depending on the material.  How to use your awning window.
  7. Sliding windows – These windows are frequently placed in kitchens and bathrooms because they are easy to open and are inexpensive compared to other windows.
  8. Skylights – are an excellent source of light. There are three categories of skylights listed below:
    a. Ventilating windows are great for cooling and increasing light in a large room.
    b. Fixed skylights are frequently used in dark places like hallways and staircases.
    c. Tubular skylights have a dome to capture light and send it through a reflective tube into the home. 
  9. Fixed windows – are usually next to or between other windows that open and close.
  10. Window seatexamples of the window seat.

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